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  • 2022 SAUMA virtual conference a roaring success

      The South African Underwriting Managers’ Association (SAUMA) held its 2022 virtual conference, managed by CN&CO Events, on 30 June 2022. The event was…
  • 2021 SAUMA Conference a resounding success

    The South African Underwriters’ Association (SAUMA) held its annual conference via Zoom on Friday, 2 July 2021. The conference attracted a…
  • 10th Annual SAUMA Conference

    This year we celebrated our 10th annual SAUMA Conference. It was held at The Campus in Bryanston and the attendance was excellent, with well over 400…
  • SAUMA Ladies Lunch 2018

    Over 340 women from the insurance industry gathered at Summer Place in Hyde Park for an afternoon of lunching, networking, shopping and much laughter with an…
  • SAUMA delivers another impressive conference

    The 9th annual SAUMA conference with its esteemed collection of speakers, was paradigm-shifting, economically up-swinging, regulation-clarifying, corruption-…

    Please find the FAIS Ombud’s Annual Report 2016-2017 and Media Statement, for your attention. FAIS Ombud Annual Report 2016-2017 FAIS Ombud Annual Report…
  • Banks face hefty fees from Twin Peaks

    Consumers would absorb cost of levies, says DA as banks face hefty fees in Twin Peaks financial regulation bill The big four banks could each be forced to pay…