South African Underwriting Managers Association


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Welcome to the South African Underwriting Managers Association

  • Established in 1999.
  • Over 80 Members by 2009
  • Representation at IISA, FSB
  • Ongoing Communication with Ombudsman - both FAIS and Short Term
  • SAUMA Board Members have recently attended Parlilament to state the case of the UMA
  • Minimum criteria to become a member of SAUMA including :
  • Professional Indemnity of R5m
  • Fidelity Cover of R1m
  • Underwriting Managers are experts in their niche fields
  • SAUMA is fully supported by the FSB
  • SAUMA is the only line of communication between FSB and Underwriting Managers

Front row from left to right : Tersia Davey - Chairperson (Natsure), Christine Sounes (SAUMA Manager), Andre de Waal - Vice Chairman (Commercial & Industrial Acceptances) Natasja Blok (Thatch Risk Acceptances)
Back Row from left to right : Curt Meyer (Mirabilis Engineering Underwriting Managers),
Rory Gainsford (HICSA), Drew Schnehage (Aquarius Underwriting Managers),
Steve von Roretz (Leppard & Associates), John Towsey (New Wheels Underwriting Agency),
Stuart Benfield (PrimaryAsset)

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LeapFrog invests US$25m in disruptive financial technology company afb:
Thu, 26 Feb 2015

Investment set to reshape provision of financial services to millions across sub-Saharan Africa LeapFrog Investments is investing US$25m in AFB Mauritius Limited (afb). afb is a disruptive financial technology platform that offers life-changing financial tools to financially-excluded consumers and small businesses in sub-Saharan Africa.

New age e-commerce consumers challenge traditional business models
Thu, 26 Feb 2015

African consumers are increasingly searching online platforms with commercial intent Charles Brewer, Managing Director DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa CAPE-TOWN, South-Africa: The rise of e-commerce on the African continent is changing the face of the traditional consumer, and brands need to adapt their business models and strategies in order to remain relevant amongst consumers and avoid a drop in market share.

Report: Mitigating Political Regulatory Risk for Successful Infrastructure Projects
Wed, 25 Feb 2015

The worlds huge infrastructure demand cannot be met by the public sector alone; private investors and operators are needed, but they worry about political and regulatory risk. Today, political and regulatory risk takes many forms from community protests to tightened regulations and corruption and is relevant in both developing and industrialized countries.

GDP, Population and Governance Data Alone Are Not Enough to Predict Brand Success in Africa
Wed, 25 Feb 2015

New Nielsen report shows hard retail data, consumer needs and behavior, combined with macro-economic datasets, are better indicators of opportunity and success in African markets Allen Burch, Head of Africa for Nielsen NAIROBI, Kenya: For brands eager to tap into the growing African markets and the regions estimated 350 million middle class consumers, relying solely on macro-economic data such as GDP growth, population trends and regulatory governance data to identify opportunities and predict success can lead to costly missteps, according to a new report from Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) (http://www.

Gemalto presents the findings of its investigations into the alleged hacking of SIM card encryption
Wed, 25 Feb 2015

The investigation into the intrusion methods described in the document and the sophisticated attacks that Gemalto detected in 2010 and 2011 give us reasonable grounds to believe that an operation by NSA and GCHQ probably happened The attacks against Gemalto only breached its office networks and could not have resulted in a massive theft of SIM encryption keys The operation aimed to intercept the encryption keys as they were exchanged between mobile operators and their suppliers globally.

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